ABSTRACT SUBMISSION FORM (mandatory fields are indicated with *)
  1. Download the LaTeX abstract example file Extract the content and open the example.pdf. Run LaTex on example.tex and check that the abstract you obtained locally is the same as example.pdf.
  2. Download the LaTeX abstract template file workabs.tex. in a working folder. Open the file in any text editor and fill in the arguments to the LaTeX commands that define the title, authors, addresses, and references, following the instructions in the file. If necessary consult the example.tex.
  3. Insert the text of the abstract in the space provided in the template file. You can also add equations and EPS figures.
  4. Download the LaTeX class file hvarabs.cls to the same directory as your abstract (and figures) and run Latex on workabs.tex. Check that your abstract does not extend two pages.
  5. Fill your personal data
Submit your abstract file using the web upload. If you have figures first add the figures and the abstract file to the single ZIP archive, and submit the archive file only. Do not submit the PDF or PS files generated by LaTeX on your local machine. The successful upload is confirmed by a red message on the top of this page.

Abstract submited.